How Music Moves

In today’s world music is constantly changing and becoming more modernize. It is important that music changes to keep up with the current style or trend that is popular. Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz, Reggaeton, Country, and Classical are all different types of music genres that people still listen to today. A trending genre of music that most teenagers and young adults listen to is Hip-hop. Today we live in a modern day society with technology, so there are endless ways to listen to Hip-hop and become more connected with the music. In the 1970’s an underground urban movement which was Hip-hop began in Bronx, New York City. Hip-hop was created for people to MCing, break dance, and to write graffiti on the walls to express themselves. It is important that people today can express themselves freely because that’s how small ideas spark into big ones and create a masterpiece. Hip-hop has had a major influence on people since the 1970’s with mostly minorities it was there way to express themselves and create new ideas with hip-hop being their talent.


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