Blancore 2020 Fashion Week

The world of Blancore was produced by Yalan. Yalan was born into a family who had a great sense of appreciation for the art of clothing and fabrics. Yalan had the dream of her brand since the age of seven. Growing up being exposed to the fashion world, Yalan has had a great deal of inspiration. Art history and the pursuit of art were a source of inspiration for Yalan and were the start of the birth of Blancore. As Yalan grew up she wanted to make her dreams reality.

Yalan is extremely skilled at knowing how to take her life experiences and history and applying it to her business-management that she then adds a contemporary yet sensitive feel to her brand. The combination of minimalism and American style, taking “the elegant French destruction” that then fulfills through the beauty of her art. Yalan proposed that she wants her pieces to be almost like “second-skin.”