The New York Yankees Fans Community

Tampa, FL – It was an amazing afternoon for baseball, the New York Yankees received the Boston Red Sox on tuesday march 3rd. The game started right at 1:05PM the starting pitchers Masahiro Tanaka for the Yankees and Martin Perez for the Red Sox. As I sat down to what would be my first Yankees game ever, the people who are seated near me started to say “hello” and be really friendly. We are all chanting at this moment while the Yankees made six runs in the first inning, as the inning end I was trying to make my day better catching a ball of this spring training.

Mariano Rivera and Gerrit Cole

The people seated behind me are being really nice throughout the innings and the couple actually mention that some of the Yankees legends might show up to these games. Legends like Tino Martinez, Nick Swisher, Mariano Rivera and many others. It just so happen that Mariano Rivera was in the dugout talking to the new New York Yankees sensation Gerrit Cole. Mr. Rivera was nice enough that when the lady from behind call him, he turn back and say hi to us this moment was amazing to me.

As I mentioned before, I was trying to get one of the ball of the game, nothing close to me until the 8th Inning when Jonathan Loaisiga took the munt and stroke out three batters in a row a perfect inning. I was lucky enough to tell the catcher right after the last strikeout to give the ball to me. Finally after eight long innings i had the ball that i wanted.

The people seated around me were really happy that I was able to fulfil my dream of having a ball from a Yankees game specially after three strikeouts. They other me to take a picture and to conclude this amazing day Yankees have won the game 9-1 to the Red Sox. It was amazing how the community of the baseball but especially the fans of the New York Yankees made this moment special.