Festivals Around The World

There are many festivals all around the globe, some festivals might even be near you. The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) is the largest music festival in North America. There are currently 5 locations this festival comes every year which is, Mexico, Las Vegas, Orlando, China, and Japan. Another popular festival every one has heard of is Ultra, located only in Miami. These Festivals create positive vibes and happiness through the music. The people who attend these festivals is because of the electronic music and to see famous DJ’s perform. Some festivals are international including Tomorrowland, Sziget, Awakenings, and Mysteryland. During these festivals you get to meet many new people, have a laugh with friends, and make memorable memories. Many of these festivals bring over 200 Dj’s playing at different stages which is another reason why many people look forward to festival season. You can camp at these festivals or some even last three days! Although the prices can be high, it’s worth every penny and people should try it out once in a lifetime for experience.