Frida Kahlo’s new makeup collection creates controvery

The latest makeup collection that was released caused arguments among Kahlo’s fans and the brand that released the collection. Ulta Beauty released different products such as; bronzer, blush, brow kit, eye shadow palette, cosmetic bag and more. Fans were bringing attention to the fact that the images used in some of the products from the collection did not honor Frida Kahlo’s essence.

Frida was always proud of her eyebrows she even said that her eyebrows and eyes were what she liked most about her face. However, the image displayed on the cosmetic bag and on the cosmetic box brings more attention to her red lips instead of her brows. In fact, the uni-brow is more of a shadow rather than her full uni-brow. One fan stated that “…it is beautiful to see that her legacy is still alive but is disrespectful to adjust her to beauty standards, when she was against them”.

The beauty company Ulta Beauty claims that the picture used on the products is an old picture of Frida in which her eyebrows don’t look as prominent. They also said that they worked hard in this collection to celebrate her and empower others through it.