Knicks are a joke after Spike Lee incident

The Knicks have been a joke of a franchise over the last couple of decades. The Knicks fan base has never given up on the franchise however as they have supported the team through the embarrassment.

Over the last couple of seasons the Knicks have been forced to trade their star player in Kristaps Porzingis and have managed to make an enemy out of one of their legends in Charles Oakley. Now the Knicks have taken a hit by Knicks fans and have been looked at as a poor free agent destination.

Also, fans have been kicked out of games because of their chanting of sell the team. This would be towards owner James Dolan who has yet to do anything successful with the Knicks.

Now, Dolan has managed to make the Knicks number one fan upset after kicking him out of the Garden because they handled a situation poorly and never informed Lee that he would have to use another entrance.

This makes the Knicks look very bad. No one trusts the Knicks when they side Lee was lying because the Knicks have a poor history of dealing with people in recent history.

The Knicks have a lot of cleaning up to do. They have to come out and apologize for how they have miss handled this situation and continue down that path to fix the mistakes have made. This also has to finish with Dolan selling the team or the Knicks will always be a laughing stock.

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