Holi Festival is Coming to Orlando

To welcome spring, Holi festival is coming to Orlando to gather the community with color throwing and celebration. Holi is an Indian holiday known to celebrate spring time’s arrival. It signifies a blossoming of love and new beginnings.

This holiday consists of color throwing, dancing, and water guns. It brings a community of all cultures together, thank to its origin in India.

Holi refers back to Hindu traditions, of letting go of the sad pasts and moving onto newer projects. It marks the end of conflicts. The Hindu religion centers around love and letting go, which Holi helps celebrating it. When the Holi fesitval is winding down, participants tend to wash off and spend close time with their family and friends to celebrate a time of renewal with each other.

This holiday welcomes all cultures and religions to celebrate, because anybody can celebrate the true meaning. Other countries have caught onto the holiday because of it’s meaning behind it. Jamaica, South Africa, and the United Kingdom are just a few examples. It has spread to many parts of the United States because of it’s true diversity. Orlando especially is a incredibly diverse city that welcomes all cultural backgrounds.

The festival is Sat, March 14th from 11 AM to 7PM. It will be located at Bill Fredrick Park.

For more information and looking to donate, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/orlando-holi-festival-2020-tickets-91264682121