Commencement Resumes Along with Graduation Photoshoots

When the coronavirus first spread across the nation, many colleges had to postpone their spring commencements, pushing them back until fall 2020. Now that the time has come, graduates are getting snapshots of the experience. 

The University of Georgia held their 2020 Spring Undergraduate Commencement on Oct. 16. Jasmin Reeves, 24, who recently graduated from UGA, was sure to photograph the moment as she sat in the stadium. 

“It was kind of chaotic taking pictures because there were lots of graduates around. I took pictures with my family, and pictures with my friends are coming soon,” said Reeves.

Graduation photos are often taken by a professional photographer; however, some graduates opt to take them on their own. Reeves chose to do both methods. 

“My mom, sister, and I took my photos using an iPhone. I’m also supposed to get professional pictures done with a photographer from Instagram soon,” continued the UGA aluma.  

Reeves has been to several other graduations for her family and friends in the past. Through those experiences, she has picked up a few tricks of her own when it comes to taking graduation photos.

“If you have an iPhone X or above, I recommend the iPhone. If you are like me and only have an iPhone 8, I definitely recommend a professional camera,” advised the mathematics major. 

When asked if she had any tips for future graduates, who are also willing to take their own graduation photos, she suggested capturing “high or even angles, facing the sun.”

Along with allowing students to physically attend the commencement, the University of Georgia has also posted a live stream of the event. It is available on their YouTube channel, University of Georgia.