Life of a Dual Enrollment student

Being dual enrolled in a local community college is an opportunity many high schools have been offering their students for years. It gives students the opportunities to earn college credit, and experience the college environment at an earlier age compared to most. Every student has a different experience, but, overall, every experience has been positive. As a dual enrollment student myself, I believe that the program has helped me with multiple areas in my career as a student, and multiple areas in my regular life.

My first experience with college is a memory I will always remember. I woke up on Saturday morning, ready to take my first college class of my life. Walking into the classroom was a nerve-racking experience. Although I had one person in the class I knew, it was still a foreign place that made me nervous. The rest of my peers were young adults, as well, so I was surrounded by people who were older than me. I felt like I needed to impress my class. Thankfully, all of my worries did not matter, as I had a fun time taking that class, and made many friendships throughout the course.

A year later, and I am now on my way to getting my Associate’s Degree at 17 years old. The Dual Enrollment program has helped me achieve my goal of completing half of my Bachelor’s Degree before graduating High School. I am excited to experience my college graduation soon, even if it is online due to the pandemic.