Social Media Mayhem

The selfie. It has become such a focal point of our culture. Not one day passes where we don´t either take one of ourselves or scroll past one on social media. One of the key apps to spur on the selfie and continues to be is Snapchat. This is due to it´s cute, crazy and sometimes scary filters. These filters were added with the 2015 January update. At first they were cute. Such filters like the dog, a rainbow, flowers etc. Nowadays these filters have become less fun and more sinister but not in the way you may think. Many of these filters alter the way you look. They give you a smaller face, nose and a more fuller pout. These filters completely disguise ones natural features. The vast majority of people nowadays look nothing like what they do online, and a part of that is mainly these filters. They give the average person the ´ideal’ face and unfortunately, these filters have become addicting to many young teens. The have a huge impact of self image, and allow teens to try and reach these unrealistic body goals at such a young age. With 13 being the entry age on Snapchat, these children are being introduced to a dark side of the internet and its effects as such a young age. Although these filters are harmful to some, we need to think and reflect on the overall impact that having these filters as a norm can create. I myself have been tying not to use them as much as I have been guilty of getting used to my face looking how it does with a filter on instead of how it actually looks. It is imperative that we teach children that these filters are not meant to create insecurity and pain but are purely there for creative selfies and transformation which is and should only temporary.