Pig Island – A Surprise Resident

The Bahamas is known for its exotic tropical sea life in which it inhabits. Many tourist visit to find all forms of wild life and marine life living in the tropics. In the Caribbean there is an island that holds a lucky find, a surprising resident, and only resident on the island. This island is called Pig Island, where about 20 pigs live in a secluded island located in the Exumas in Big Mayor Cay. With its beautiful sand, clear water and small forest, you can visit the island by taking a boat tour to swim with the pigs. Once on the island, you have the opportunity to pet, feed and play with the pigs while visiting as well as snorkeling to see the sea life. The pigs are known to have come from a ship full of sailors that left the pigs on the island in case the U.S. couldn’t keep up trade during the war. Sadly, because the pigs are not from this region they have had a difficult time adapting to the hot tropics with issues of overheating. If you plan on taking a trip to swim with the pigs on Pig Island, you will have to stay at a resort or hotel located elsewhere on Examus, as there are no resorts on Pig Island.